Starting with NBA Live Mobile, you have a choice of teams. It is best to go with your favorite team, unless you play exclusively to win. Which in this case you want to find a team with the highest overall characteristics to facilitate the start of the game for you.

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Playing seasonally
Every time you play a game, passing a season, you earn a few coins and a small amount of experience for each quarter completed. You can also get a bonus package reward seasons for using one of the required compositions for this game. Make sure you have a strong line when you go after these game modes.

A convenient feature is the automatic playback, it can be found as a play button next to the scoreboard. Autoplay makes a decent job of controlling your players and can be useful to get through the season with a decent odds.I recommend taking possession by Q4, if the games are really close and you need a win for achievements. You can get about 5 or so automatic games before the endurance ends.

Live events, head to head
Daily practice and daily grind tournaments are quick small tasks that you can accomplish by rewarding you with an easy first XP win, a coin and sometimes a card deck. Some of them are repeatable, and you can farm them for a deck of cards, and some have variable difficulty levels for getting more rewards when you overcome each level of difficulty.

A one-on-one meeting puts you against the teams of other players, the winner is determined by whoever scores the most points against another defense team. Run as many one-on-one games as possible.

Advances in NBA Live are usually overlooked, but they are a great way to collect money and cards.

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